PHILIPS - Shapeways Launch


Shapeways, a 3D design and co-creation community, is a PHILIPS incubator project that gives consumers direct access to cutting-edge 3D printing technology and unique avenues for collaboration and commerce through an online community. This is a very powerful tool for 3D designers and enthusiast, but due to the cutting-edge nature of the technology, most in the 3D community are unfamiliar with the process of 3D printing. The campaign needed to both build both inform the 3D community on the technology and build buzz about the new accessibility offered through Shapeways, requiring a delicate balance between information-driven outreach and preview-driven outreach, building up to a launch at CES.


Through thought leadership outreach and the development of a Shapeways blog, SocialRadius was able to successfully inform through their own editorial content and build excitement in various online communities through early-adopting thought leaders. Sucessful online outreach led to traditional media coverage and a very successful launch at CES. SocialRadius continued to build on that success with successive launches and announcements for Shapeways.

  • In just over a year, SocialRadius garnered Shapeways coverage across the blogosphere and traditional media equivalent to 460,000,000 VPM and $535,000,000 ad equivalency.