The Numinous Place: Making Kickstarter Dreams Come True in 11 Days


The Numinous Place promised to be one of the most ambitious projects ever funded on popular crowdfunding site Kickstarter, a mixed media (fictional newspaper abstracts, video interviews, etc.) and mixed genre (supernatural, science fiction, conspiracy) e-book that promised to change the way interactive storytelling was financed and executed. Only one problem: the project still had to raise nearly $45,000 in 11 days.

In terms of outreach, The Numinous Place would need a strategy and execution that was both extremely agile and extremely effective to realize its crowdfunding goals in such a compressed window of time. The Numinous Place certainly had enough interesting assets, including the backing of movie star Russell Crowe, but from a public relations standpoint, all these assets had to be leveraged in the most efficient manner possible to move the needle for the Kickstarter campaign. That’s where SocialRadius came in.


Immediately target passionate niche bloggers (e.g. transmedia and publishing industry writers, lucid dreaming enthusiasts) who would be the most likely to publicize the project, as well as drive both traffic and donor clicks to The Numinous Place Kickstarter page.

Utilize the star status of The Numinous Place’s most famous supporter, Russell Crowe, in the most effective manner possible to generate interest from popular culture and celebrity media.

Repurpose content in social media so that it was exposed to what would be the most likely Kickstarter donors (e.g. reposting links about the project on Reddit’s lucid dreaming thread).

  • Coverage from the likes of large-traffic online outlets like Huffington Post, The Guardian (UK), Business Insider, Digital Trends and Oh No They Didn’t!
  • The social and traditional media efforts of SocialRadius garnered 1,661 Twitter mentions, resulting in 13.6 million impressions.
  • The Numinous Place successfully made its goal of $75,000 to become what was then the seventh largest successfully funded publishing project in Kickstarter history.