Liquipel is a new process that makes smartphones and other mobile electronics essentially waterproof by using nanotechnology. The devices do not need to be disassembled and the treatment only takes 20 to 30 minutes, making it ideal for both retail and OEM environments. It was launched at Social Radius' Startup Debut — an annual media event that precedes the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) — in 2012. During CES, two other competitors were also launched: HzO and P2i.


While many mentions of Liquipel in the media occurred organically, so did mentions of its two competitors. Presences on social media platforms were launched and developed, and an aggressive blogger outreach campaign was combined with targeted approaches to select traditional media outlets. This three-pronged approach was successful in drowning out rival stories, keeping the media's attention firmly on Liquipel, and garnering the company placements on the Today Show, ABC News, Outside Magazine and eventually being named the Gadget Grand Award Winner by Popular Science Magazine.

  • In about one year, SocialRadius achieved Liquipel coverage throughout the blogosphere and traditional media world of 953,575,887 UVM and $22,473,243 in advertising equivalency.